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Lover's Ramble

Our love trail,

Many years in the making, we

Still live the twists and turns,

Traversing confidently, often shakingly.

I have and still do trust,

We are on the correct thoroughfare,

Our mutual destiny

Travels, via nowhere to somewhere.

You show me the way,

I follow without regard,

whether it is right or wrong,

Should I be on my guard?

I hope when our journey’s over,

Our travelling has ended,

We’re at the place we wanted to be,

The destination intended.

Let’s make sure we point the way,

We both want to go,

Hoping we don’t end up,

Going back, or to and fro.

Love shouldn't be arduous,

Not a pilgrim made journey,

Neither of us, are agents of love,

We have no power of attorney.

We share a path together,

Together we must scramble,

Find our way across untrod terrain,

Enjoy this lover's ramble.

Finally, I’m proud of our odyssey,

Walking this tree-lined lovers' avenue,

We’ve got through so far as one,

The one for me without doubt is you.

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