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Love died without dignity

I'm not sure what I'm unsure about,

I don't know what I don't know or doubt,

What I do know, and this I know to be true,

The love I give is just not enough for you.

I can't care about things for which I have no care

Won't share with others who similarly won't share

What I do know, is our need for mutual respect

For you, the love I give is less than what you expect

I struggle to understand the ununderstandable

I have little faith in faith. My belief is shakable.

Whilst I'm insecure, you seem more confident

The love I give is surely not what you want

We disagree on the trivialities of life

Endlessly bickering couple, old man and oldwife

I find myself often deflecting and defending

For you, the love I give is the reason for ending

Once upon a time, we'd kiss, make-up passionately

Now we just turn our backs on each other frequently

We've both lost the desire to look at love with leniency

Our love died an undignified death today: So easily.

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