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Lest We Forget

Form a queue boys, form a queue,

Stand still in line boys, stand still in line,

It's coming to you boys, it's coming to you,

One at a time.

Your country needs you boys, your country needs you,

To fight in their wars boys, to fight in their wars,

For the right and the true boys, the right and the true,

You’ll likely die for this cause.

So march with the band boys, march with the band,

In rows upon rows boys, in rows upon rows,

With a rifle in hand boys, a rifle in hand,

Your innocent eyes closed.

No need for care boys, no need for care,

Take a deep breath boys, take a deep breath,

You will get your share boys, you will get your share,

You’ll never cheat death.

It’s been done and said boys, it's been done and said,

You all fought a good fight boys, you all fought a good fight,

Even though you're now dead boys, even though you're now dead,

It’s our right to grow old boys. You boys died for our right

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