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I’ve heard that song before

Begone breathless night

Dissolve quickly into yet another dawn,

Begone painful tears

The new hoped-for day, be born.

Till then, send away those tumbling clowns

In their oversized comic shoes,

Send away those dancing girls

Their gyrations just bemuse.

Quieten the balladeer

Because I've heard that song before,

Quieten the music

It’s not melodic anymore.

Yet, I still reminisce about our yesterdays

And how you came and touched my heart,

I still have memories of our happy days

Before we fell apart,

Let me discard the ill feeling

I realise now how much I cared,

Abandon thoughts of unhappiness too

Because I loved the things we shared,

So when I'm sitting all by myself,

I’ll think of you, and I’ll cry,

And each tear I shed will be a memory,

That I’ll save for you and I

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