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murdered by shells of oysters raining down

Gentle lady Hypatia of Alexandria,

This lady of mathematics, astronomy and philosophy.

In the past, she had been

loved by both pagan and christian souls alike

She was the epitome of virtue and purity

A well-regarded teacher and counsellor

Contemporarily, venerated as a feminist icon.

Yet in ancient times,

Undermined and degraded

by the christian church of Egypt.

Sacrificed by the Roman general Orestes

And then murdered


Thugs with thuglet followers.

Dragged her helplessly from her carriage

Dragged her unwillingly to death

The walls of a christian church

Bore witness to their atrocities

and applauded.

Her eyeballs ripped out

Her body torn limb from limb

Cut into pieces with sharpened knives

Then those fleshy parts, thrown

Onto a burning pyre

Man's ignorance and barbarity, shown at their best

Then afterwards, these murderers departed

to wash away their guilt

To quaff many cups of wine

wash away the dark memories of their actions

Eventually, they would sleep it off


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