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Hula skirts, Kisses and Leis

To sleep,

I remember nothing during the time that I’m asleep,

Do you?

I dream of exotic places with sandy beaches,

Desert island,

Ladies in hula skirts handing out kisses and Leis,

Do you?

Or is it just me, in that early morning central heating,

Too warm,

I arise, quickly dress, and descend the stairs,

Downhill now,

I see the evidence of the morning that I had missed before me,

Letter post,

The postman came, when I didn't answer his knock he left a card,

Failed parcel,

Opening the front door to get my milk and paper, delivered earlier,

Been stolen,

I need to be more alert in the mornings but,

I’m asleep,

There's blood and cat fur on the doorstep from a fierce feline fight,

Who won?

I don’t know, because I was laying in the arms of Morpheus,

Sleep dreaming,

Mr Tubshaw across the road left early this morning,

Car gone,

But Mrs Tubshaw is still home and keeping an eye, I see,

Curtains twitch,

Miss Reynolds the young school Ma’am is just leaving,

Curtains twitch,

Mrs Tubshaw keeps her eyes on everyone on the street,

Nosey bitch,

I have no idea what time the dustbin men came, didn't hear a thing,

Empty bin,

But some rubbish from the bins is now strewn across our street,

Binless waste,

Sure that Mrs Tubshaw is already onto it and we’ll get a second visit,

Forwarding complaint.

It’s been a stressful few weeks just recently, I need a rest,

Holiday perhaps,

To see ladies in hula skirts handing out kisses and Leis,

My dream

Just a longer rest to get over all these issues weighing me down,

Still tired,

Take a vacation young man, prescribes my doctor,

Valid point,

To him everyone’s young, he’s Seventy-five,

Old duffer,

Soon, I’ll take a holiday as soon as I can clear up this mess,

Dull pain

Pain, like someone’s standing on my chest, can’t breathe.

To Death

I remember nothing during the time that I’ve been dead

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