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How many?

Two hundred sextillion stars

In our universe

Thirty-five trillion blood cells

Bodily dispersed

Seventy-thousand decimal places

Someone memorised for Pi

Five thousand visible suns

Light the night sky

Two and a half billion seconds

The extent of one person's life

Thirty-three percent truly believe

After death, there’s an afterlife.

Forty million sperm

In one ejaculation

Fifteen million bubbles

In a single champagne bottle celebration

Three trillion trees

Forested around the world

Over two thousand yearly

Tornadoes will have whirled

Three hundred and fifty quintillion gallons

Of salty seawater

Augustina Higuera’s fourteen children

All of them, daughters.

Two hundred is an infestation

When a dog has fleas,

Whilst three and a half trillion fish

swim the oceans with ease

A million times, I've said,

I love you

Not once have you said

You loved me too.

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