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He's not, he's just missing

Johnny, Johnny Johnson,

Where have you gone, son?

I've looked all over the housing estate,

Come back little man it's getting late.

But still, you haven't come back home,

Tell me boy are you alone?

I've worried for you lad, what with all the news

Of those evil men, who abduct and abuse

Both little girls and little boys,

Then they break their bodies like you break your toys.

Are you are warm my son, are you well,

Are you cold little one, please won't you tell,

It's been three weeks now since you went away,

The police fear the worst, that there'll come a day

When they'll find your body in a shallow grave,

Far too late for life, far too late to save

I'll never give up on you Johnny Johnson

You will always be daddy's number one.

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