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Goodbye Mum

I'm sitting in this quiet shell,

I neither belong to it, nor it to me,

I want to lift up my head, just once,

Then sail away, be free.

My body though doesn't act the way

That other bodies really should,

Why is everything that I do in life

So wrong and never good?

Why does my Daddy shout so much?

Why does my Mummy cry?

Why can't I be like everyone else?

Tell me, Mummy, why?

Does Daddy love me just as much

As other children's dads?

Why does he never smile anymore?

Why's he always sad?

I'd love to run and play with friends,

I'd like to join in all their games,

Hopefully then those kids outside

wouldn't shout those terrible names.

If I were able to run through the door,

I would attempt to jump the moon,

I'd hug the sun and catch the rain,

I would no longer feel cocooned.

But here I sit in this wheelchair,

I move and shake but go nowhere,

Sat beside this picture window,

I just stare and stare and stare.

Mum, you're looking so very tired,

I see lines etched into your face,

Your eyes are red, your hair turned grey,

It seems like such a waste.

I suppose if I wasn't here,

Then Mum, both Dad and you,

Could live your lives just for yourselves,

As all other lovers do.

Yes, maybe if I went away,

You both need no longer cry,

So Mum and Dad I'm giving in,

It's time we said goodbye.

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