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Ganymede Living

We followed the tentative footsteps of astral seekers

Pioneer, Voyager, Juno and Juice

All have improved man's knowledge and awareness

Eventually, allowing deeper space exploration,

And then ultimately, conquest

First, footsteps on Mars, creating the Red Planet Dominium

Then onwards, out to the moons of the Jovian system.

Where we established the Ganymede colony.

We have been here now for over one hundred years

Its dark, quartered hemispheres

Abundantly potted by million-year-old craters

Juxtaposed to a lighter-striated landscape

Created by deep tidal tectonics

Amongst all the moons, Ganymede is special

It has a small but useable gravitational force,

There are subsurface lakes of water,

As well as surface ice nearer to the poles

We tapped, and pressure stored

This life-sustaining elixir.

Ganymede is the largest solar system moon

Larger even than the planet Mercury

But unlike inhospitable Mercury,

Ganymede has a thin oxygen atmosphere

Not yet capable of life outside

But enough to terraform eventually,

Our ultimate plan.

A large protective city of metallic pressured pods

Is currently home to over four hundred souls.

Anchored a distance from the harshness of the poles.

There are rich carbon dioxide fields,

Plentiful melt water,

Scientists discovered that applying direct sunlight

This chemical mixture creates a complex reaction

Carbon monoxide, plus hydrogen,

Creating a wonderful synthetic fuel

To coin a well-known phrase

‘Sunshine to Petrol’

‘Petrol to electricity’

It also releases usable oxygen to breathe

Most nights we stare in awe from our viewpoints

As the Ganymede Aurora glides across the landscape,

Creating a spectacular unrivalled light show

Overshadowed by the red-spotted gas giant

That dominates our sky twenty-four seven

As only a potent ancient Roman God could

Ganymede is one celestial bridge pillar

On our way to the stars

Continuing man’s extraordinary voyage.

Step by step, as man meanders through history,

Whilst taking several giant leaps for mankind.

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