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Flavian Amphitheatre

Vespasian’s dream for the ancient city of Rome,

An amphitheatre of wonder, the gladiator's home.

Crowds gawped raucously at the bloody spectacles

Of Venatores, Murmillo and Gladiatrix festivals.

Titus, son of Vespasian, opened the gaming

With a hundred days of killing, executions, and maiming.

On opening day, two champions brawl, to their limit then.

with honours even, Priscus and Veros concede ad digitum

Confined now to history through the mists of time

The Colosseum is an art form of monumental design.

An average of sixty-five thousand spectators a day

Clamoured through marble-clad porticos and archways

Their vociferous baying for blood feasts their eyes,

Whilst inside, sorry Christians were swatted like flies.

History echoes the heroes and the veneration of the brave

Blood-splattered ruins indicate sadly, those lives lost, unsaved,

Nearly two thousand years after an emperor's dream

Bruised and battered, the Colosseum still reigns supreme.

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