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Faded Pictures

Pathetically and silently, she sat

In her chair, a frail old lady

Neither showing emotion nor self-pity

Rejected and ignored by the family she conceived,

Their faded pictures, framed on her wall.

But they are not coming soon.

Certainly not this week.

Their lives are now at such a pace.

There is no recognition that hers was concluding.

She sat

A miserable, life-scarred figure,

Her aged, battered, deformed body

mirrored the rocks beneath a crashing surf.

Her fragile mind, only occasionally involved.

In memories of her halcyon days

When once her youthful grace and poise

shone brightly, but now faded.

like photographs in her old album.

Not just faded.

They are now foreign words in a forgotten language.

Only pain and suffering kept her company.

It touched her troubled soul.

Years of marital torment dragged

as a ball and chain around her neck.

She pleaded silently with her maker.

for one final breath.

Begging for forgiveness, redemption,

and an escape from this life of bondage.

To an everlasting sleep.

Grey mist-shrouded those already dullen eyes.

very gently a pain, and then

Goodbye, sweet lady, goodbye.

Eventually, memories of you will fade.

like pictures.

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