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Every day is Earthday

Earth Mother wearing her pastel blue bonnet,

White clouds like cultured pearls strung around her neck,

A stole like warm breeze envelopes,

Sturdily held treetops cast shadows on the ground,

Leaves and grass, a similar green, cast grey.

Babbling, a small transparent stream, without the guilt of direction,

Meandering, sometimes galloping, sometimes near still,

Waterside Weeping Willow wilts downwards,

Rippling effervescence creates multiple diversions,

Willows trailing fingertips are chilled,

As content lovers in Punt's trail fingers on a warm day,

Hues and queues of insects, flowers and birds

Spotted, as of a Jackson Pollock canvas

From different heights, they thrive, one with each other,

It’s a sight worthy of remembrance,

I create a rectangle as a film director does,

With thumb and pointing finger,

Realising that this movement towards the light,

This phototropism, cannot convey the beauty seen.

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