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Eulogy to John B, Laureate

Nineteen eighty-four,

You black-hearted year

That such as he should die at your behest,

This dream filled gentle person

Should leave our troubled side,

For as we sit and grieve, and sink

Into an abyss of despair, with the realisation

Of life's twisted fate,

Our only visionary has just died

Lost forever,

How those words bite

At the very flash of our hearts and souls,

We should weep until the very end of time

For now, there can be no tomorrow,

Our already hardened journeys

Take on an added struggle and distance,

The once bright sunlight fades

And we travel perpetually in the dark,

The pain of loss shows its full potential

Expanding our own hurt and sorrow.

Farewell sleeping soul

Covered in death by the wings of Angels

Your written words transcend the bitterness

Felt at your untimely passing,

May the Almighty Father caress your memories of life

Spent rhythmically enhancing the dreams of Man

Oh Lord please safeguard this man's compassion and wisdom

That he has shared with us, for eternity.

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