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Eulogy for the now departed

Today we gather to remember a fine gent,

Whose light shone brightly, but now life’s spent.

He was kind and honest; he was stubborn but true,

He believed in the best for himself and for you

He carried unlimited love in his heart

He considered everyone a friend from the start.

He made others feel better with quiet empathy

Whilst those with hardship, he offered sympathy.

His presence now missed, never to be forgotten,

Held close in our hearts and our thoughts unbroken.

Rest, dear friend, let your peaceful soul fly

Rest, dear friend, let your spirit soar high.

Stand close to loved ones in heaven's wide aisles

We’re grateful to have shared in laughter and smiles

There’s an opportunity in eternity to be together again

Remembered love will fill our hearts. Until then.

Regrettably, unable to stay any longer

Joyful memories remembered fonder

Accomplished as a life narrator

Charismatic and charming, were second nature

Kindness and generosity, a constant consumer

Loved ones cherished his warmth and his humour

Inspiring others through many words unpacked,

Never knowingly understated, a fascinating fact

My last fascinating fact,

The word eulogy is from classical Greek and can mean

‘Well Words’ or ‘True Text.’ Use first documented in the 16th century.

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