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Election prelude

Old-world women gossip

Disgorging air and candy floss,

Talking, talking, talking

Just trumpery coming across,

Irrational chatter

Mindless natter,

Suffrage forgotten. Such a loss,

Old-world men jabbering

As they prop up the local bar,

Bullshit bullshit bullshit

Taking ignorance far too far.

Incoherent prattle

Constant cackle.

Franchised rights? Or another jar?

Politicians shouting

Across the hallowed Commons floor,

Gabfest, Gabfest, Gabfest

Does anyone listen anymore?

Electorate despised


Whilst ill-disposed ministers roar.

Media debating

Hurling cliches and platitudes

Babble, babble, babble,

Whilst cradling biased attitudes

Tempers now wearing thin

Hosts only grin

Stirring up political feuds

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