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Don’t Break the Bat, Play the Game

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Catch the midnight thirty train from oblivion,

Hold high your head to the morning light,

Sense a newfound wisdom in your heart,

See opportunities once hidden from your sight.

Hope is not lost to a poor man's widow,

Love not destroyed in a spider's web,

Dreams are not abandoned whilst we’re not sleeping,

They are just postponed, as the sea on the ebb.

So take up a place in a Sally Army Band,

Close tight your eyes as you listen to their sound,

And when Possibility knocks gently at your door,

Consider it a long lost friend you have found.

With your friend Possibility close by your side,

Step out and take on the might of the world,

Pull down the castles that float just above you,

Throw back those stones your dissenters have hurled.

Take up, into your lungs, a refreshed second wind,

Throw your cautions and your despairs away,

Only you can change tomorrow,

Tomorrow is just another day.

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