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Daft as a bat

She swept in from the gloom

of a dark summer's night.

We all hung around in the shadows,

away from the light.

But as she arrived,

there was such a commotion

Like all had been darted

by a potent love potion.

She had an aura;

she commanded attention

She held our beating hearts

in suspended animation

Many amorous suitors

were overtly attracted

Her immediate space

was suddenly compacted.

Our eyes had met

for the briefest of moments

I didn’t stand a chance

against love-struck opponents.

Standing back, resigned,

I acted nonchalantly

Admiring this beauty wasn't just expected.

It was mandatory.

There was a sudden ruck and a rumpus.

somewhat of a din,

As her circle of admirers abruptly caved in.

She eyed my position

and ambled forward

I couldn’t believe my luck.

What will happen afterwards?

Within just a moment,

She was right by my side

I couldn’t stop smiling.

I was so full of pride.

Those that had pursued her

were so distraught

I hadn’t corralled her,

but yet she’s still caught.

They couldn’t quite understand

my success

They wailed and sobbed,

exercised much distress.

It’s not how you prosecute

loves tender hunt

It’s how you stay back,

yet end up in front

So I’ve captivated her heart

she’s my darling baby belle

I’m just one in a million,

a small brown-haired pipistrelle.

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