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Criticism of this poet by a friend

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

My friend, the poet, is a fraud

(He's also intellectually flawed),

He strings together, badly, I'm afraid.

Words without rhyme, their meanings strayed,

Undecipherable as hieroglyphics

Less literary, somewhat more scientific,

Four-line stanzas of moans and groans

Naked imagery without flesh or bones,

I've read several lines of his so-called verse

Each following line appears much worse

Then, the previous line I've read, I'm in shock,

So I criticise him, scoff, and bemock,

A blunt sword is mightier than his ink-dipped pen

Yet he continues with this nonsense over and again

He hopes for the recognition he believes he's earned

He's certainly not Shakespeare. Will he ever learn?

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