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Conversation with my younger self

Sitting alone, sipping a cold beer at the Lobster Inn,

I’m joined unexpectedly by my younger self

Eagerly questioning, “So what happens next in our life, old man?”

I wish he’d concentrate on his now, and learn for himself.

“Youngster, your long-term is bright and brim,”

“Your medium-term stumbles in the unlit dim,”

“Especially concerning family, your love life, your work and wealth”

“The never to be born children, and your mental health”

"Wow, what remains for me to consider illuminative?" he said

“Is love lost? Will my career be despairing? What of wealth?"

"Am I to be poor and alone, brokenhearted?"

"Am I destined to sit at this table, alone, left on the shelf?"

Wide-opened worried eyes and an unsmiling mouth

He was sceptical of anything and everything I uttered

"Without the riches of love, this life sounds bleak? "

His head hung low. He shed tears as he muttered.

“You will taste such love, on so many levels,”

“Sometimes extraordinary, sometimes slightly mediocre,”

“You will learn when to accept love and when to discard”

“When the time is right to hold or fold in love poker”

“Working life starts with a challenging career,”

“Realising it’s less for you, you’re impressing your father”

“So you’ll disregard, move on, move up, move out”

“Desperate for a worldly work adventure, to travel further”

“Wealth will be impermanent, transitory,”

“You will make money fast, but squander it quicker,”

“Choices concerning expenditure will be ridiculous”

“Whisky, wine, other intoxicating liquor”

“Birth family is not for you, siblings are an unnecessary burden”

“They pull on heartstrings believing in unbreakable ties,”

“Interrupting forward motion, your desire for life’s free ride,”

“You have this opportunity to cut those bonds and win your prize”

“Your friends, you count on the fingers of just one hand”

“Though you're unsure if you can fully count on them.”

“If you don't bother, there's a hope they won't bother you too,”

“It's best to keep your distance, never decry or condemn”

“You may consider your prospects somewhat dire,”

“But one overriding trait that will always see you through,”

“It ensures a constant inner strength that others envy.”

“Your paramount confidence, a belief held within, for you.”

“You can, and will, conquer many obstacles,”

“Eventually, settle down to an amazing love, full-blown.”

“There will be many challenges but you have a chance”

“To be part of a loving family you may call your own.”

“There's so much in your future to look forward to”

“The belief in yourself, your understanding,”

“Well, rewarded by the empathy shown to others,”

“Fun with grandchildren, effortlessly undemanding”.

“Yes, grandchildren, they will be your future,”

“They will love you, they are your gold”

“There by the grace of the woman who loves you,”

“Her family becomes your family, to protect and to hold.”

“As your aged body desires to slow down and rest”

“All who surround you have the blessings of youth.”

“Infertility was a singular tinge of despair, but”

“Grandchildren are your future, your reason, and your truth.”

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