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Columba livia domestica

City's beating heart, a grey-clad sentinel.

winged grace, comic-faced, yet objectionable.

A messenger, a precursor of fanciful tales

brushed up by urban winds, setting sails.

Bustling human streets provide isotach soaring

an outpouring of nuisance thoughts, unadoring.

A scavenger, a subtle dancer on the city's stage

iridescent, with a watchful eye, colourful sage.

A soft yet ungentle voice, repetitive, annoying,

our peaceful occupation, vocally destroying.

Skyscraper weaver, a fleeting ghost

vacates reluctantly, city cliffs for the coast.

Twilight's glow, hidden nest sought

a sanctuary, an asylum, where respite is brought.

Silhouetted starkly against darkening skies

an urban symbol and a marksman's prize.

This traveller seeks a safe landing aerodrome,

to be cradled in concrete canyons, a place to call home

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