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Coffee time movie star.

A myriad of lights flick on the silver screen.

A fun factory story, a Hollywood dream.

The film's title role for the A-lister I am

Fame and fortune captured in the film-makers can,

Alone on an island, from a wreck out at sea,

I deliver my lines, while I think of my fee

The director's been tough, and the filming's been hard

I check my named star on Hollywood Boulevard

Reading the critics in the variety mags

Errol Flynn's latest movie isn't doing too bad

Yet mine, when released, will be a box-office smash

I'll floor those has-beens into the dirt with a crash

Back to the office, and answer the fan mail I get

With a signed fancy photo of me on the set

Then a surprise soiree, for me, the movie star,

Arriving nonchalantly in an open-topped car,

Reality strikes; my boss pokes me in my ribs

"Start living in the truth boy, stop dreaming your fibs"

"Your coffee time is over; get working again"

My Oscar dissolves and becomes my pen again

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