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A woman's love is……..

A woman's love is like a gentle breeze,

Softly whispered secrets through rustled leaves.

A storied tapestry slowly retold.

Reveals love's majesty, as it unfolds.

A woman's love, an ascending flower,

Tender shoots climbing love's sweetest bower.

Her laughter, dulcet melody in the air.

A pastoral symphony, no overt fanfare.

A woman's love is like the ocean's tide,

Passions ebb and flow, land and surf collide.

Her eyes glimmer like stars bright in the night,

Guiding this wayward with radiant light.

A woman's love is like a journey's quest,

Navigating vales, surmounting each crest.

Her warm, gentle touch soothes my troubled brow

relegates sadness from the here and now.

A woman's love is like a work of art,

Sculpted masterpiece that's given a heart.

I treasure the smile as her gaze meets mine.

Our love grows stronger, with time after time.

A woman's love is there to be adored

Bound in an instant, and forevermore.

A woman's love is eternal and binds

everlasting love, heart, body, and mind.

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