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One road to success

Rising like a proverbial phoenix from her despair,

Flying high with coloured wings outstretched.

Comes the chambered secrets of literary success

Precious firstborn to be parented alone.

A happy by-product of an abusive union

Arantes, her half-blood prince, quick hands, slow regret,

Broken marriage, jobless, and a single parent

Seven years after graduating, a considered failure

Possibly as poor as any two young girls could be

She pondered, but there was just one course to follow

With her young daughter Jessica by her side,

She must unravel the mystery of the Philosopher's stone

Night after night, in their mouse-ridden flat,

Writing of love, loss, separation, and hallowed death

Taking Hermione and Ron along for the ride,

From his birth, on the London to Manchester train

to publication, took seven years, twelve rejections

Finally, he embarked from platform nine and three quarters

She hit the Forbes jackpot, a billion-dollar author

This poor Edinburgh lass’s story provides the proof

You must follow your convictions with faith in yourself

Her success comes from constant self cajoling

Eventually, this self-affirming failure in life

Became Harry Potter’s, Miss JK Rowling

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