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From cradle to grave, you’ve held us close,

Our lives are immeasurably healthier for sure.

Tenderness, tenacity, togetherness

Were once your values. Is that still true anymore?

Patients were your first and only thought,

Treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

There was once trust in the quality of your care

Is that still true? Is it too much to expect?

Compassion, once central to your care,

Improving patients' well-being maintaining health,

Benefitting the much wider community,

You're now swelling, it appears, executive wealth.

There are inevitably many talented individuals,

Who’ve risen above and beyond our expectation

But there are others lacking heartfelt dedication

Who should move on out, post their resignation

Will the NHS survive? Who knows?

Traversing the battleground of public versus private

Oppositions argue about the taxpayer's defibrillator

There may still not be enough tax booty to revive it

Is this a last hurrah for the NHS?

A Swansong after seventy-five years.

How will the weak, the frail, and afflicted?

Overcome constant pain, driving them to tears.

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