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Within your Eyes

If only I could find preconstructed words

Scattered amongst vocabularic sherds,

That could easily describe and characterise

That bright sparkle within your eyes,

For then the world may understand

That, which I know for sure first-hand,

For within those eyes,

All my future pleasure lies,

Deep steely blue pools of passion

Are not as cold as one may imagine,

Like roaring seasoned logs in an open fire

I witness an abundance of warmth and desire,

Flickering in rhythm and rhyme

Countless days have gone and in time,

My future days, unseen ahead

Yet holding neither fear nor dread,

Glistening eyes shine with love and hope

Missed by the miserable misanthrope,

Whilst those close, hang their heads low

Their confidence eclipsed by your radiant glow,

I have followed dreams across this world

Wondering at the majesty I have heard,

Yet starring face on, to this world's beauty

I have to respond, it is my duty,

For you are the songs joyful lark’s sing

Whilst soaring high upon the wing,

You’re the reason for each budding flower

The rising Sun each morning hour,

I now realise that the love I sought

Is in the twinkle of your eye and caught,

Longingly I look and I can see

The lustre of your eyes, above all your beauty.

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