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Waste No Time

Waste no time debating,

What defines your moral character.

Let not your public words

Be another man’s disparager.

Actions speak more clearly

than a thousand words you say,

Don’t allow ignorance or arrogance.

to be the persona you display.

No need to argue endlessly,

On the attributes of reputable men,

Or whether the depth of their piety

Is more significant than those born again.

Allow kindness to be your guiding hand

let compassion hold your swaym

Embody those values you discuss.

Let goodness illume your way.

Again don’t waste your time

But advocate without debate,

For the empathy of those

who’s welfare you narrate.

A good man is not lauded

nor defined by other’s praises,

his deeds are quietly appreciated

By the less fortunate whom he raises.

“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Just be one.”

Marcus Aurelius

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