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Why be distracted by life’s nuances

Commit no time to wasted nuisances

Is it the nature of our curious quest,

To seek the meaning of what’s disrupting rest?

Do they serve as mirrors, reflecting flaws?

Prompting us to pause, maybe rethink our cause

No: Should obstacles block your path today

Then look for a different straight forward way

Should your love of heart turn to bitterness

Cast that heart aside for one less rigorous

When the train of joy hits dead end buffers

Seek positivity, your happiness over others

Why ponder the nuisance of nuisances?

There’s no puzzle to solve, no internal turbulence

That cucumber is bitter, so toss it out!

There are thorns on the path, then keep away!

Enough said. Why ponder the existence of nuisance?

Marcus Aurelius

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