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Let’s not fall in Love.

Heaven, full of shooting stars, watched

while we lay close together on a sandy beach.

Wishes made that day may be cast away.

When no longer close, when we're out of reach

We'll surely blame one another.

For the closeness of our smother,

Then we may part.

Bittersweet tears may fall.

From our eyes to the floor

Promises sworn may be torn.

from hearts, and yet once more.

We consider a continuation thereof.

Overlooking the consequences of our love.

Inevitably, we'll part.

Abusive words are harshly hurled.

Towards each other face-to-face

Crockery doesn't fall but smashes against the wall.

So just in case,

It all goes wrong.

Let's not begin our lover's song.

Then we'll not part

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