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Legislator, Top Dog, Woke or Just Broke

Red bureaucratic tape ties hands,

Condoned by egoistical nugatory politicians

Who are both inept and otiose

Despised by disenfranchised proletariats

Self-indulgent commentators drown voices

Who’s agenda to climb the greasy pole

Exceeds the need to explain the policy to the masses

In a country where the only viable opposition

Is an interviewer with a well-placed mic

Who asks questions for a follow-up, rather than an answer

Isn’t it a shame that no one is talking to you, or for you?

Slowly, your mind is corporately re-appropriated

The rich and powerful wannabe oligarchs

Who will one day be paying to run the world

By subscription, at what cost, and to whom

Already you pay them to sustain you

TV, sport, overpriced food and fuel

What next, your health, your water, your unborn child

Any future ambition you have is suspended

You’re crying out for attention

But no one is listening,

not yet.

Isn’t it time that you, the little man

Got up and had a go

Mindless, thoughtless bureaucrats

Need to be made abundantly aware

Their fiscal mismanagement of our wealth

Hardens people’s resolve against capitalism

They believe they have the prerogative

To trample your faces further into the ground

They need to be persuaded

That any form of neo-fascism

It will be met quite rightly

By a blitzkrieg of hate

No more will average Joe

Turn a blind eye and let it go

How can the commoner

Feel Parliament is the way ahead

When most of those making laws

Do so as the Petty Bourgeoisie

But we do need governance, without doubt

Sometimes we all need leading, but fairly

Rules of governance need to be established

Created by the lions not the lion keepers

How often have we heard

“We are playing within the rules”

But are they misleadingly playing

Outside the spirit of those same rules

Don’t worry fellow-subjects

There, look, on the horizon

Shines a beacon of hope

Or does it?

Aware, knowledgable, seekers of truth

A new and powerful faction has aWOKE

Fighting racism on all fronts

Understanding the needs of many

To combat and fight injustice

Are they the superheroes

Or just lycra-clad wannabe’s

Are they on your street?

Are they active in your town?

Are you aware of a Woke?

Any more than an awareness of your local MP

Is it only when a camera points

That they both lay their bodies down

For the Wokes’ there’s an emphasis

On forgotten injustice

Now seen in a different light Cecil Rhodes for example

We should never erase history with violence

But learn the truth,

And change our stance

But you should never apologise for history

Acknowledge injustice and pledge to outlaw

Just because you don’t agree with the message

Don’t shoot the now dead messenger or his master

This concentration on the already lived and died

Negates any genuine interest in you today,

They condemn a world of racism,

You may have to wait if it’s not your kind of racism

All right-minded peoples denounce discrimination

Do you have to be Woke?

Or just empathetic to your neighbour?

History has its place in remembrance,

We’ve moved on, sometimes not always for the better

We yearn to learn and action,

We must continue the hunger to learn

In the 1840s, 6 convicted Tolpuddle martyrs

returned from penal Australia

Due mainly to the power of the people

And their 800,000 signatures,

Where is that people power today

With so many lessons to learn

Many conversations to have

This may be the right time, it may not

Whilst the Wokes are tearing down history without conversation

Your bosses are tearing down ambition, growing empires

Politicians are tearing down your freedom

Till eventually, none remains, and we’re lost

Be aware of muddying the story

So that you no longer have a clear view

The Wokes are vehement in action

Which then becomes the story

So the Goverment avoid critisciam

On an even more contentious issue

And your Boss suddenly hires workers

Underpaying them whilst no one is looking

In the land of Brittania

Where the first arrivals, inherit,

There's just no point in being a mother's third

The cash cow has been milked

By previous stooping milking stool gents

Even in third place, you have a voice

Shout loud for your future,

Shout loud for the hope of the yet unborn

Make all your voices heard.

Don’t park your butt on a meagre cheque

It will only give ‘them’ the upper hand

Whoever ‘Them or They’ happen to be

Show them that you care for your future desires

Don’t leave it to publicity-seeking

Opportunist Wokes

Get up

Get up

Get up little man

Make a stand

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