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Busy Mister Taxman

Dear busy mister taxman

I trust that I find you well.

I hope you're sitting comfortably.

A story I have to tell.

It centres around the rebate.

You so kindly sent today.

It really is too kind of you.

To remember me this way

But wait... What is this I see?

It fills my soul with terror.

Because dear busy mister taxman

It seems you've made an error.

Sitting down, I totted up.

The luxuries of living

Your extraordinary mistake lies

Not in taking, but giving.

So busy mister taxman

(Due respect I call you such)

I find that quite out of character.

You have paid me far too much.

No need to apologise.

I understand stress and strain.

I understand the difficulties.

of counting without a brain.

This envelope bears the cheque.

Wittily, you sent for me.

But thirteen pence doesn't go very far.

Considering V.A.T.

So busy mister taxman,

Further words need not be said.

Except I hope you and your colleagues

Will abruptly drop down dead.

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