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Blinkered by Perception

In a world of whispers and curious eyes,

where truth eludes, so much deceit and lies,

We navigate through a web of one-eyed perceptions,

where opinions abound in untrue reflections.

Everything we hear, a symphony of views,

whispered echoes in colourful hues.

They dance upon the wind, shaping our minds,

but remember, dear listener, truth often hides.

Every word, possibly bias seeds sown.

Interwoven narratives, uniquely their own.

A tapestry of perspectives, diverse and vast,

In a sphere of speculation, their lies stick fast.

The voices clash, and the chorus resounds.

Yet the elusive truth remains unfound.

Each tale a brushstroke on a canvas grand,

surrealist painting vanished by a gossip’s hand.

So let us question, and let us inquire,

peering beyond veils that contrive and conspire

to shape our thoughts, our beliefs, our creed,

Truth lies way behind what we once first perceived.

Everything we see is a mere fragment in time,

a fleeting glance at an accepted paradigm.

Through different lenses, we witness the scene,

From those varied angles, this reality unseen?

Let’s not be confined by one's person’s gaze,

Or follow opinions in an emotionally blind maze.

Seek out the panoramas, the fuller vista,

Truth resides in empathy and the bigger picture.

In this tapestry woven with threads of belief,

Let empathy guide us, a much-needed relief.

For in understanding, we foster connection,

And bridge the gaps caused by misperception.

Everything we hear is an opinion, you see,

Just a fragile echo, a subjective decree.

Like fleeting whispers, it’s a verbal unease

That flutters and flutters, a social disease

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. 

Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth 

‘’Marcus Aurelius’’

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