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Apathy endangers justice

Inaction's silent mask conceals, 

A darker truth that pain reveals, 

For in the silence, wrong takes flight, 

When apathy begets the right.

In stillness, there lies a choice unspoken: 

Your silence leaves other's hearts now broken, 

In this world, there is a truth we find, 

Injustice thrives when we are blind.

Averting ears to their sorrowful cries

Though anguish speaks, you hear other's lies 

With voices stifled, hands stay still, 

Their void becomes filled with sorrow's chill.

Your idle hands, allow hearts to freeze, 

And permit the cruel to do just as they please.

When evil triumphs, unopposed, 

Injustice thrives, no truth exposed.

So rise from your stupor, take up a stand, 

Provide compassion, with an outstretched hand.

Often injustice lies in what you aren’t doing, 

not only in what you are doing.

Marcus Aurelius

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