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And God said'' ''

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

In the dazzling light, I'll be your shade

During scorching heat, I'll be your breeze

In the raging seas, I'll be your calm

The hurricane's eye will be your ease

Climbing high, I'm your encouragement

Journeying long. let me be your guide.

From the darkest depth. I'll aid you rise.

When all alone, I'm close by your side.

Should fever strike, I'm your remedy

When all else fails, I'm your inner fight

When you're asleep, I'll wander through dreams

And hold you safe till the edge of night.

Ladened by thirst, I'll pour from the pitcher

If hunger's your load, let me serve you bread

Should fear engulf, I'll be your comfort

In need of rest, Let me be your bed.

Should sadness grow, let me be your smile

When love's mislaid, I will aid your search

If all hope's lost. I'll be your comfort.

On judgement day, welcome to my church

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