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A better you

Deep in the depths of you, a priceless treasure lies,

A fountain of goodness, where desire never dies.

Search within, with an unwavering will,

Witness the magic that time cannot still.

Stride courageously, as you break new ground,

Each step echoes kindness all around.

Be not discouraged if the journey is long,

The seeds of compassion make you strong.

Amidst the trials and darkness that may appear,

Know that your perseverance conquers fear.

Keep digging, my friend, with passion and might,

Display the goodness since hidden from sight.

Let empathy sprout and understanding grow,

Like a river of love, let it freely flow.

For within you lies the power untold,

To touch lives, to heal hearts, to embolden the world.

Dig through the layers, both high and low,

Unearth the compassion you’re eager to show.

Embrace your potential, let it bloom and unfold,

And watch as your goodness becomes untold.

Dig deep within yourself, never shy away,

For your fountain of goodness is here to stay.

Let it nourish your soul, let it freely inspire,

And ignite a flame that will never expire.

Dig deep, my friend, and you will come to see,

The beauty that lies within you and me.

With every act of kindness, you will sow,

A garden of goodness that'll eternally grow.

Dig deep within yourself, 

for there is a fountain of goodness ever ready to flow, 

if you will keep digging.

Marcus Aurelius

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